Casco Viejo, Panama

Well hello there, you surprising nook -- a city within a city. I didn't expect to find you quite as fascinating as I did.

You were laced with another era, while rooted in a sense of self and place and pride. Oddly enough, in spite of the humidity, you were refreshing. Bold with change, yet gentle with its progress. There's a balance of vivacious design and gritty texture, spicy flavor with moments of cool retreat.

American Trade Hotel - Panama

I'm still thinking about those yucca fries. Remember? Serenaded with aioli to the sounds of a live beat. Cue the lights. The planters in the wall came alive -- swaying their little arms to a vibration that, if you closed your eyes, you could feel.

Casco Viejo Panama
American Trade Hotel Casco Viejo

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