Zürich, Switzerland

Twenty euros for a goat cheese salad, followed by 100 euros for cocktails in a hotel's hidden jazz bar. The price lost its sting, though, once I discovered just how well a smoky scotch can pair with crème de cassis.

Zürich has, by far, the cleanest train station that I've yet to visit. It simultaneously feels like stepping back in time while glimpsing ahead into the future. Here, there are streets that'll make you forget about cars and periodic rains that'll remind your Californian toes what cold feels like. The swans are graceful, if not show-offs. Shutters are a building's personal declaration, eyelashes that bat at the nearest passerby.

Chairs in Zurich

Design without trying.

A warm pretzel filled with butter.

Flowers on street corners that have you questioning if you've ever truly smelled a rose before now. 

This is Zürich.

Zurich Switzerland buildings

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