On God

It's like being anchored to the sky. You're not quite sure how it works. Reverse gravity. A force that tethers you and invites the safety -- when you feel it. 

So, into the ocean you dive. Knowing you're still anchored, you can swim deeper, where the water cools and the light takes longer to reach. Many claim Tethered, and yet never dive. They stay on the rocks and watch their footprints fill, happy to make dimples in the shallow pools where the earth remains flat and the lungs are rhythmic, secondary, forgotten. 

But under the water, what if that's the right-side-up? Where you find the treasure. Where your gills learn to breathe. (You have gills, or didn't you know?) There's a presence you can see, feel and move through, discovering it's first moving you.

Experts say the ocean is 95% unexplored. 


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