My advice to anyone (about anything from goals in life to ice cream): It’s never too late.


It took me awhile to arrive here...if "arriving" is even a thing. Chasing the mythical unicorn of figuring it all out, I spent my college days pre-med and four years post-grad in a university lab researching how the (physical) heart works. 

Yet, it was while learning to surf in Venice Beach that my heart studies took a different direction and I fell in love with my surf instructor. I realized then that I didn't need to go to medical school to learn what I wanted to about the human heart; there's a deeper rhythm hidden beneath life's surface, it's elusive and familiar all at the same time and I want to set that beat to words.

I've since left the lab to join Darling Magazine as Digital Managing Editor. While continuing to champion and create meaningful media for women (and men, we need all kinds), I'm now a freelance writer who loves to cross borders, pen stories from my travels and capture intangible experiences on a page. 

Available for features, editing, copywriting, content consulting and happy hours.